Minecraft movie director says he doesn't want to upset fans with an "ugly Sonic" situation

 Sonic and Minecraft.
Sonic and Minecraft.

Minecraft movie director Jared Hess has shared more about his approach to the movie –  and it revolves around poor Ugly Sonic.

Back when the Sonic movie dropped its first trailer, the internet was horrified by its vision of the blue speedster – especially those tiny little teeth. Shudder. 

That prompted a Sonic redesign, and, naturally, Hess isn't keen to undergo a similar experience for his Minecraft movie, another film based on a beloved video game with a passionate fanbase.

"I think anybody that does any IP, they just want to avoid an ugly 'Sonic' situation," Hess told the Salt Lake Tribune. "I just can’t disappoint the 10-year-olds, or they're going to murder us."

He also explained more about how the film came about. "I was developing a movie with Legendary Pictures, and that one didn't happen. They called me and said, 'Hey, we're going to be working with Warner Bros. on Minecraft. Do you have any interest?' And our kids play that game endlessly. I'm, like, 'Yeah.' And they said, 'Come with a take,' and I did, and had a meeting," he said. "Trying to adapt something that doesn't have a story – it's an open sandbox game… I like the challenge. There's got to be a fun, ridiculous movie here. And there is."

The cast already includes Jack Black and Jason Momoa, with Jared Hess's brother Jerusha teasing in the same interview that a "funny lady" has yet to be announced as part of the line-up.

The Minecraft movie is due out on April 4, 2025. While you wait, check out our guide to all the upcoming major movie release dates for everything this year has in store.