Mirai Nagasu wants to meet Leslie Jones, the Olympics' best commentator

On Monday, figure skater Mirai Nagasu made history as the first American woman to land a triple axel in the Olympics. Hours after that accomplishment helped push the U.S. to bronze in the team figure skating event, she tweeted an earnest wish: she wanted to meet Leslie Jones.

Leslie Jones is the queen of hilarious homemade Olympics commentary. The comedian and “Saturday Night Live” star started this tradition during the 2016 Rio Olympics, and she wasn’t about to stop for PyeongChang. When Nagasu tweeted her request to meet Jones, it contained a video of Jones watching Nagasu skate.

That one video is just a sliver of what Jones has been posting on her Twitter account. She spent Sunday night tweeting about figure skating, both the routines and the outfits. (Caution: Every video below contains NSFW language.)

And earlier, she’d been tweeting about the men’s cross country race. (There is even more NSFW language in the videos below.)

“Why do they have to change their skis, are they going into a different kind of snow or something? Did their skis wear out?”

Leslie Jones is all of us.

It’s not clear when the obviously very necessary meeting between Leslie and Mirai might occur. NBC has said that Jones would be participating in their Olympics coverage, but she still appears to be in New York, so it’s unknown if she’ll be making the trip to PyeongChang. If she did, it would be the perfect chance for the two meet.

Mirai Nagasu made history on Monday, and now she wants to meet Leslie Jones. (Getty Images)

And it would also be the perfect chance for Jones to witness in person the sports she’s been watching on NBC. If you want a taste of how having Jones in the crowd can take any event to the next level, here’s her in the front row of fashion designer Christian Siriano’s runway show, dressed in magenta and living her best life.

Leslie Jones’ boundless enthusiasm managed to amp up a sedate fashion show. Now imagine her watching Nagasu at the women’s individual events. It’s the only thing you want now, right?

Hopefully Jones will make it to PyeongChang to watch some figure skating and skiing, and to meet Mirai Nagasu. The games have been pretty great already, but there’s nothing that Leslie Jones can’t make better.