This model defines their style as fluid, groovy and preppy — their aim is to surprise the audience with an impactful and expressive outfit.

New York-based model and stylist Rozi Levine (@rozilevine) describes their closet as groovy, fluid and preppy. In this episode of ITK: Coveted Closet, Rozi invites us into their colorful closet and shows us how they use clothing for self-expression.

“I think clothing is very important for self-expression,” Rozi says. “It’s the first thing that people see, and I really want people’s first impression to be surprised at how expressive I am.”

Growing up, Rozi’s biggest style influences were their grandmother and Freddie Mercury — who was introduced to Rozi by their grandmother. They say that clothing embodies things they love and things that represent them, pointing out that their skirt and the pink highlights on their cardigan are inspired by their feminine nature, while their exposed bra represents a slightly scandalous side.

The most recent addition to Rozi’s closet is a long-sleeve pink blouse found while thrifting, which Rozi loves for pearl buttons on the neckline. Rozi’s go-to pants are a pair of hot pink corduroys from Urban Outfitters’ BDG line. “These are my ultimate clubbing pants,” Rozi says of a glittery purple wide-leg pair. Other highlights include a vintage Ralph Lauren suit from the ’70s, a pair of Crocs and 7-inch platform sandals.

If you’re inspired by Rozi’s expressive sense of fashion, they have five style tips you might want to follow:


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1. Always add an extra layer

Before leaving for the day, Rozi always adds one extra layer or item to their outfit. “I want people to have more reasons to stare at me,” they say.

2. More is better

“You can honestly never do too much with an outfit,” Rozi advises.

3. You can never be too crazy

“I don’t think you can be too crazy or too bright or too loud or too obnoxious with what you’re wearing.”

4. Use items from your closet

Before adding new pieces to your closet, look at what you already have and figure out how to make it work for you, whether through styling it in a new way or wearing it differently.

5. Learn how to style new clothes

Play around with how you pair things and try styling items in new ways.

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