Moff Tarkin confirmed for Star Wars: Rogue One return?

Has Gareth Edwards let slip that Darth Vader isn’t the only returning character in ‘Rogue One: A Star Wars Story’?

The British director may have revealed a surprising return in an interview with USA Today, while discussing the film’s main antagonist, Orson Krennic.

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Krennic, the head of Empire’s advanced weapons research wing played by Ben Mendelsohn, will reportedly butt-heads with the upper echelon’s of the Galactic Empire.

“It feels like if the Empire ever have a job vacancy, they go to the Royal Shakespeare Company to headhunt people,” Edwards joked. He’s referring to the upper-class authority of actors such as Peter Cushing, who played Grand Moff Tarkin in the original movie.

Asked whether he wanted Mendelsohn to adopt a similarly posh accent, Edwards said: “I like the idea that Ben’s character was much more working-class,” adding that he ascended through the Imperial hierarchy “through sheer force of personality and ideas.”

It’s then that Edwards potentially reveals the return of a younger Grand Moff Tarkin.

“[Krennic] hits a brick wall in the hierarchy where they won’t let him in the club and it’s going to turn into a them-or-us situation: either Krennic or Tarkin and the others,“ Edwards says.

Reports dating back to August last year have suggested Tarkin’s return, but no official word has come from the filmmakers or the film’s marketing. Some believe the figure seen from behind in 'Rogue One’s trailer (below) could be Tarkin. The hair and head shape certainly appear to be a match.

A Mail Online reported stated that the Cushing - who died in 1994 - would be brought back to life digitally.

Picture Credits: LucasFilm