Mom cuts open new diaper to make easy DIY snow

This TikTok parent used a diaper to make fake snow for a DIY sensory bin, and viewers are shook!

TikTok account Crafty Moms (@craftymoms) is known for their content featuring creative hacks and DIY projects for parents and kids. One of their videos includes a tutorial for turning an ordinary diaper into pretend snow for a winter wonderland sensory bin, and it’s a crafting game changer.

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The clip begins with an overhead shot of an empty clear bin. The filmer then takes a diaper and unfolds it before cutting out the bottom and transferring the white, fluffy bits into the container. Tip: Make sure the container is deep enough to keep any mess to a minimum.

This no-stress party dish is perfect for whipping up last minute:

After removing all of the diaper’s contents, the filmer gently pours some water into the bin, which causes the fluffy substance to expand. They use their hands to mix the water with the white particles until the texture becomes damp and pulpy.

Finally, they add an assortment of holiday knickknacks and figurines such as a Christmas tree, Santa Claus, snowman, presents, and reindeer to complete the snowy sensory bin.

The creative craft enchanted many viewers.

“I will have to try this! My daughter has major sensory issues. We have been looking for some fun activities to try,” mentioned one grateful parent.

“I never would have guessed it was from a diaper,” one viewer noted.

“How adorable is that? Best fake snow I’ve seen here on TikTok,” complimented one user.

Other viewers had concerns about whether or not it’s safe to use a diaper for this activity.

“Be careful with that. It could cause chemical burns also if ingested, could be poison for your little one,” cautioned one viewer.

In response, Crafty Moms affirmed that parents should supervise this activity as the diaper material is toxic if consumed. Your kids may no longer need to wear diapers, but that won’t stop them from making a mess.

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