Mom laments over-the-top Easter baskets: ‘When did Easter become the new Christmas?’

Mom laments Easter being the new Christmas

One mom decided to speak out after seeing the many over-the-top Easter baskets that have been all over TikTok, Instagram, and other social media this year, and what she has to say is pretty spot-on.

Beth, who goes by @influencingnothing on TikTok, stitched a video where a mom is putting together an Easter basket for her daughter. We see her lay down the Easter grass, and then start stacking inexpensive, trendy gifts, including a Stanley Quencher tumbler (which cost around $50), a Lululemon belt bag and a wristlet (the combination of which will run you around $90), scrunchies, candy, and the kicker: a Sol De Janeiro gift set. Did I miss the memo where we all decided to get Brazilian Bum Bum Cream for tweens?

This is the point where Beth cut in with her commentary.

“Usually I’m like, ‘you do you’ type of person and don’t judge, but in this type of situation, I’m judging,” she said.

And here’s where Beth also gave us some more context on that Easter basket video: Those gifts are for an 8-year-old. Brazilian Bum Bum Cream for 8-year-olds.

“She’s eight,” Beth said. “That type of thing is setting unrealistic expectations for other 8-year-olds. My daughter is seven and I just can’t imagine getting her these things. I know every is going to hate on me about this and I don’t normally judge but this is a little too much for me.”

In the comments, people were largely on Beth’s side.

“it’s not really the amount of stuff it’s the fact that it’s for an 8 year old. like what?? where are the coloring books and pool floaties??” one person wrote.

Another weighed in, “No hate to anybody but when did Easter become a mini Christmas? I remain firmly in the basket of candy only group lol.”

But others were OK with this — or at least took more of a live and let live approach.

“How I see it, is we only have so many Easter’s with our kids. Put whatever you’d like in their Easter basket that makes you happy,” one commenter said.

Where do you fall in this debate?