Mom reveals her recipe for DIY breast milk soap in viral TikTok

This TikTok mom’s DIY breast milk soap is the perfect recipe for National Breastfeeding Month.

Breast milk soap is believed to have skin benefits for those with dry skin, diaper rash or eczema. According to Belly Belly, “Breast milk is higher in fat than cow’s milk, meaning soaps made from breast milk are less dry and more cream.” So whether you have skin issues or not breast milk soap is said to make skin soft, control oil and redness and prevent acne.

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“Breast milk is known for being really good for skin. It helps get rid of baby acne and any rashes on baby,” she explained.

First, she microwaved pure glycerin soap for 1 minute. Next, she mixed in coconut oil and breast milk. She poured the liquid into a silicone mold.

“Once you’re done placing it in your mold, you can add oats and lavender,” she said, but it wasn’t a requirement for the soap to be effective.

Finally, she placed it in the freezer so that it would solidify. Voila! — she had breast milk soap in just a few steps.

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She explained in the comment section that the soap “will eventually go bad! It’s usually good for 1-2 months. I don’t keep it in the fridge/freezer once I take it out of molds!”

People discussed the mother’s soap recipe in the comment section.

“My sister made me some for eczema and it worked amazing,” a person commented.

“I was literally thinking about this and then your video pops up on my for you page. I’ll definitely be making this,” another said.

“My mom does this and uses it on my baby brother. Let me tell u he’s always so soft and smells so good after a bath,” a TikToker replied.

“My mom use to do this when I was a baby because I have very touchy skin! I am 33 almost 34 and I did it to my son as well,” someone wrote.

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