Mom-to-be sees late grandmother's face in baby ultrasound

When Emily Beckett went in for her 10-week pregnancy scan, the last thing she expected to get was a sign from the other side.

Mom-to-be Emily Beckett holding photos of her grandmother and her ultrasound. (Photo: Emily Beckett)

But the 23-year-old says that her late grandmother decided to make an appearance in the ultrasound photos, leaving the mom-to-be shocked and happily surprised.

Beckett, who lives in Liverpool, England, had her routine scan in August and was taken aback when a nurse told her of the bizarre sight in the top corner of her ultrasound.

Beckett says she was shocked by what she saw in her ultrasound images. (Photo: Emily Beckett)

“It was a complete shock,” Beckett told the Liverpool Echo. “When the nurse said she could see another face, I just presumed she was talking about the baby.”

Beckett’s grandmother Elizabeth “Jean” Booth, who died from cancer in 2014, was like a second mom to her and sister, Gemma.

“My nan was like a parent to myself and my sister Gemma, so I’m not surprised she has decided to make an appearance — she wouldn’t have wanted to miss out on my pregnancy,” she told the Liverpool Echo.

With Emily’s gran making no secret of her wish for grandchildren when she was alive, the mother-to-be has described the sighting as a “gift,” and she’s hoping Jean will make another appearance during her next scan in November.

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