New mom ‘seriously contemplates’ divorcing husband over prank: ‘Get full custody of your child’

A new mom is “seriously contemplating divorcing” her husband “over a prank” gone too far.

She posted about her marital issue on Reddit’s “Beyond the Bump” forum. She and her husband have been together for seven years and have a 6-week-old baby. Although pranking was part of their relationship early on, he has taken things too far postpartum.

“Since I’ve been home with baby he has continued playing pranks and my tolerance is VERY low between sleepless nights and all the hormones I find my self absolutely raging at him for these pranks,” she said.

But no matter how much she told him to stop, he dismissed her as being “too serious” and uptight. Three pranks have caused her to consider divorce. For the first prank, he served their guests coffee with her breast milk. She was “angry and embarrassed” because she’s had trouble pumping.

For the second prank, he pretended to cut his fingers off quite dramatically. “He dragged it on for ages too and put fake blood around… not just a quick little joke,” the mom wrote.

But the third was the “final straw.” Her husband pretended to bring her breakfast in bed. But he served her toast with her baby’s poop on it and told her it was peanut butter. She took a bite and spat it out while “he laughed hysterically.”

She told him to leave, and he messaged her that his friends at work found it funny. The mother is wondering if she should leave him or if she’s just overreacting.

People thought the husband’s behavior presented some serious red flags.

“Absolutely divorce him,” a user commented.

“Definitely don’t know if I could respect anyone that gave away breast milk,”a person wrote.

“​​Please leave him, and get full custody of your child,” another said.

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