Mom shares TikTok of baby hearing for the first time: ‘I am literally on the toilet bawling’

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An incredible video of a baby being able to hear for the first time has gone viral, pulling heartstrings all over TikTok.

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Haley Miller (@haleymariamiller) is a TikToker and parent who recently shared an emotional video of her baby boy hearing for the first time after receiving a hearing aid, and it’s incredible!

The clip, which has more than 11 million views, begins with a shot of Miller holding her baby in a doctor’s office. The words “Our baby hears us for the first time” are typed over the footage.

“It’s going to take a minute to start up because the device is not turned on, and then once we do turn it on, there is a tiny delay,” a medical professional explains as she begins to place an electronic hearing aid into the baby’s ear.

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While the medical professional tries to insert the hearing aid, Miller’s baby squirms around, resisting the device. As the device goes into his ear, he begins to grimace and cry.

However, any moments of discomfort immediately subside as the hearing aid begins to work. Miller’s baby stops crying and suddenly looks around the room with an adorably astonished expression.

“Hello!” everyone in the room coos excitedly as the baby’s face lights up with a big smile. The medical professional rolls her tongue, making a propeller sound, and Miller’s little one continues to smile in sheer wonder.

“Hey, buddy! Can you hear mom’s voice?” Miller asks her baby, who then looks up at his mom with an even bigger smile before letting out an infectious giggle.

“So heartwarming”

Miller’s precious video had viewers choking up all over TikTok.

“I bet this is a wonderful job to be in, to witness this daily,” remarked one user.

“The immediate change of emotion is just so heartwarming,” one viewer noted.

“I am literally on the toilet bawling,” joked another user.

As Miller’s video shows, it’s incredible to see how the advancement of technology can help parents and their babies connect in a new way.

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