Mom slams husband over ‘selfish’ babysitting decision: ‘Your husband needs to grow up’

Emerald Pellot
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A woman is furious at her husband for not taking her new job seriously.

She consulted Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum for advice. She recently started a full-time job which meant it would affect her and her husband’s childcare schedule. Her husband agreed and said he would figure something out. However, he never bothered to and insisted she cares for the 1-year-old when she worked at home or she could just skip work when it was needed.

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“My husband and I had been alternating spending a day during the week looking after our 1-year-old daughter,” the wife said. “I told him that I wouldn’t be able to do this anymore and we should consider either a nanny or an extra day of childcare, but he said that his mother wouldn’t like it and he’d figure something out. It turns out that the thing he figured out was that I’d be able to start work from home for a few days a week after I’d been at the new job for a few months. So a couple of weeks ago, he went in for work on the day we didn’t have childcare and made me look after the baby. After this, I said this couldn’t be relied on for this.”

He didn’t really listen to her and once again insisted she shirk her responsibilities at work to take care of their child.

“He tells me that he needs me to look after the baby on Monday,” she wrote. “I said it doesn’t work for me, as I have work and I have a client meeting that morning, so I don’t have that much flexibility. He told me it was not feasible for him to take every Monday off and I had to do it sometimes, and I was like, well, I can’t. He then asked me what would make me happy. I said that what would make me happy was going back in time and listening to me. The way I see it, he’s not taking my career seriously and is jeopardizing my reputation for reliability while I’m still in my probation phase in a new job and new industry. My husband works for his parents and has for most of his life, so I don’t think he realizes what the norms are for normal employment.”

Reddit users side with the wife on this one.

“Your husband needs to grow up and learn to not be so selfish,” one person commented.

“You’re justified in feeling he doesn’t respect your career, his behavior here suggests exactly that,” another said.

“He’s not taking your career seriously at all,” someone wrote.

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