Mom transforms simple Ikea table into an epic Lego station

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Turn an ordinary table into an awesome Lego table with this inexpensive DIY game changer!

TikToker Kim Bai (@xomyhome) is a busy parent and design expert who recently shared a video tutorial where she converts a basic $29 coffee table into an epic Lego table that kids will love!

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In the clip, Bai takes viewers on a step-by-step process of the table’s glow-up. The pre-makeover shot reveals a simple wooden coffee table which serves as the perfect blank canvas for the project.

This no-stress party dish is perfect for whipping up last minute:

Bai begins the DIY renovation by securing white Lego base mats to the table’s surface using crazy glue and making sure there is enough of a gap between the mats to ensure a Lego can easily fit between the cracks.

Now that viewers have a functioning Lego table, they can feel free to stop here, or like Bai, they can take things a step further by gluing a few pieces of wood to the bottom of the table to create sliding tracks for plastic bins, which kids can pull out from underneath.

The finished product is a custom Lego table complete with colorful Legos attached to the white Lego baseplate surface with sliding bins to store the pieces.

Viewers were impressed with Bai’s easy and inexpensive DIY and took to the comments to share the love.

“Omg. Genius! Where was this idea when my son was little?” asked one user rhetorically.

“Me watching this after getting an $80 Lego table,” one viewer joked with a series of wide-eyed emojis.

“We had the ugly primary color one when my kids were little–this is so much better,” gushed one parent.

“Such a great idea,” other viewers echoed.

Fun, high-quality play furniture for your kids shouldn’t have to be ultra-expensive. As Bai’s tutorial shows, a little imagination and handiwork can go a long way when it comes to upgrading basic furniture.

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