Mom tries for one more baby, conceives 4 babies instead: ‘So many little people, OMG’

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This mom tried for baby #2 and ended up with quadruplets!

Dayna (@helloquadruplets) is a TikToker and parent of 5 who recently shared a hilarious video to TikTok depicting how she ended up with quadruplets after only trying for one more baby.

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The clip begins with footage of Dayna casually coming out of the nursery. The words “When you were just trying for baby #2” are written onscreen as Dayna’s son appears from behind her. 

But the parade doesn’t stop there. Because, as the video depicts, Dayna didn’t just get baby #2, she also got “baby #3, #4, and #5!” Her oldest son is followed by a single file line of four more little ones, who quickly disperse after trotting out of their bedroom. 

“They literally have a basketball team plus a sub,” joked one TikTok user. 

Having quadruplets is very rare, and going from one child to five in just one pregnancy makes Dayna’s day-to-day life pretty hectic!

In another clip she posted to TikTok, she gives viewers a glimpse into a day in her life with quadruplets and a 5-year-old

She prepares breakfast while her husband makes coffee. She then wakes up her 5-year-old, who helps her wake up the quads. 

They all head downstairs for a diaper change and breakfast. Then the kids play while Dayna finishes her coffee. Next up is snacks and outfit changes. 

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By this point, “there’s usually a tantrum, and the house is destroyed,” Dayna explains over footage of one of the quads having a meltdown in a sea of toys. 

This means it’s back upstairs for nap time, giving Dayna some much-needed alone time before fixing the kids’ lunches.

Once the kids wake up, it’s back downstairs for diaper changes, lunch, more playtime, a walk, another snack, and perhaps another tantrum. 

After dinner and one last round of playtime, it’s time for bed, and Dayna gets ready to do it all over again for the next day. 

Viewers were quick to express their amazement at Dayna’s parenting journey.

“A mom’s job is never done. Hats off to all moms,” cheered one user. 

While raising five kids is five times the work, it’s also five times the love.

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