Mom’s video about her mother-in-law’s paternity accusation goes viral on TikTok

This TikToker told a satirical story about her mother-in-law demanding she give her baby a paternity test because her son looks like her ex-boyfriend!

Sienna (@beckhamsplate) is a TikToker who tells satirical stories about her fiancé and ex-boyfriend while simultaneously sharing delicious cooking videos. Each of her videos features an entertaining story about her relationship drama, paired with some seriously tasty recipes.

In a recent video, Sienna told a satirical story about her mother-in-law demanding her baby take a paternity test—while also making bruschetta and mozzarella toast!

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The video begins with Sienna standing at her kitchen counter, holding a plate of toast topped with diced tomatoes. She takes a bite, and begins to tell her story in a voiceover. “My mother-in-law called me this morning and said our son is starting to look a lot like my ex-boyfriend,” she explains.

Sienna begins to show how she made her delicious-looking tomato toast, as she continues to tell the story. She takes a ciabatta roll out of a bag and slices it in half. As she spreads herb-marinated mozzarella cheese on the toast, she explains, “To be fair, my ex-boyfriend did have blonde hair and blue eyes, but that is absolutely ridiculous that she’d ask me that.”

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As Sienna places the toast in her air fryer, she says, “She was demanding that I get a paternity test, but I just don’t think that there’s any reason to do that, so I’m not going to do it.”

Sienna removes the toast from the air fryer and places it on a plate. The bread is now golden brown, and the mozzarella has melted. Sienna opens a container of bruschetta sauce and spoons a generous helping onto the toast, recalling, “She said she hasn’t brought it up to my fiancé yet, but she’s going to tonight.”

Finally, Sienna drizzles balsamic glaze onto the toast and holds it up to the camera to show off her delicious creation. She concludes her story by explaining, “I’m a little bit worried about what my fiancé’s going to think, but I’ll keep you guys updated.”

In a follow-up video, Sienna shared that she had given her baby a paternity test, proving that her fiancé is, in fact, the father of her child.

Some viewers commented on Sienna’s unfolding drama with her mother-in-law, while others were more interested in discussing the bruschetta toast she made.

“Wait, I wanna hear the rest!” One viewer who was invested in Sienna’s story replied.

“Just a calming lunch recipe with a side of trauma!” joked another TikToker.

“Not putting fresh basil on this is a crime,” another TikToker replied.

Sienna’s stories might not be true, but they are certainly entertaining! Plus, who doesn’t love their food videos with a side of drama?

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