'All the Money in the World': Ridley Scott and cast on replacing Kevin Spacey, reshooting with Christopher Plummer


The sexual-misconduct allegations against Kevin Spacey rocked Hollywood in late October and thrust Ridley Scott into immediate action, given that his upcoming awards-season hopeful All the Money in the World co-starred the Oscar-winning actor — in old-age makeup — as billionaire J. Paul Getty. Despite the fact that the film, focusing on the kidnapping of Getty’s grandson in 1971, was set to open less than two months later, Scott (and Sony Pictures) decided to reshoot all of Spacey’s scenes with Christopher Plummer as Getty — a stunning turn of events that, star Mark Wahlberg tells us, was akin to a “whirlwind.”

“It’s a remarkable time in history, and to me, it’s just part of a whole. What we’ve gone through with this movie is very much tied up in everything that’s happening in the culture right now,” headliner Michelle Williams tells Yahoo Entertainment about the entire Spacey-Plummer switch, which she links to a cultural “swell” that’s been building since the 2016 presidential election. For his part, Scott states that, in the wake of the Harvey Weinstein scandal, he knew the Spacey news meant that “we’re going to go into a landslide here, and I thought I couldn’t wait. I gotta go.” A few calls later, including one to Plummer himself, and the acclaimed filmmaker was off and running — with the full support of Williams and Wahlberg, who both admit that they were surprised, yet game, to revisit the film in this uniquely unusual manner.

Moviegoers will finally get to see if Scott pulled off his impressive reshoot feat when All the Money in the World arrives in theaters on Christmas. To hear him and his cast discuss the tumultuous process of bringing it to the screen, check out our video interview above.

All the Money in the World opens Dec. 25.

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