'Monsters University': 5 facts you didn’t know about Mike and Sulley

Gregory Wakeman
'Monsters University': 5 facts you didn’t know about Mike and Sulley
Five facts about Pixar's 'Monsters University'

'Monsters University' has already divided critics, whilst enchanting audiences, across America, and now it's finally set to arrive on our fair little island.

The Pixar prequel managed to gross $82.4 million in its opening weekend in the States, the second largest amount ever for a Pixar film, whilst it has since gone on to amass over $400 million at the world wide box office, proving that Sulley and Mike still resonate with audiences over a decade since their first adventure.

So with English moviegoers counting down the hours and minutes until Pixar's prequel is finally in their local multiplexes, here are five fun facts about the movies that will whet your appetite even further.

Little Mikey

In the original 'Monsters, Inc.' Mike Wazowski owns a stuffed animal that he delicately names Little Mikey and is very protective of.

So much so that when Boo touches him in the original instalment he shouts at her, "Hey, that's it! No one touches little Mikey!" However, as Mike warms to her, he gives her his doll.

In 'Monsters University' we get to see that Little Mikey has been a firm fixture of Mike's life, and he was even in his arms as a college student.

Monster Pizza Toppings

As you would expect from Pixar, Monsters University is full of daft, silly and hilarious Easter eggs that you have to have an eagle eye to spot.

The trailer gave us a sneaky peak at their jokes, with an empty pizza box lying next to a sleeping Mike showing a plethora of available pizza toppings, which included flem sauce, gizzards, extra sneeze, pickled snake eyes, bunions, and cartilage. Delightful.

Originally 'Monsters University' was to focus on Sulley

When the 'Monsters University' creative team assembled to discuss who their prequel would focus on, the filmmakers originally planned to centre the adventure on both Mike and Sulley.

However, as director Dan Scanlon admits, they quickly realised that if they made "it both of their stories, it's nobody's story." They then decided to focus the movie on just one character, and at first it looked as though Sulley would lead the film.

Producer Kori Rae and Scanlon both explained, "You know him a little bit more. You know how his life ends up: he's this incredibly famous scarer. But every time we did that Mike's story rose to the top. It was always the more interesting story."

Rae then added, "There was more to discover. When we were trying to think about 'Okay, what would be the craziest thing? If we're trying to make this not predictable, what was Mike? Who did he want to be?' That would be a scarer. And if you look at the second movie, you know that didn't happen."

Bill Murray was almost Sulley

John Goodman was born to voice Sulley, however he wasn't Pixar producers first choice to play the hairy behemoth.

Original director, Peter Docter, tested Bill Murray in the role and even offered him the part, leaving him messages on his answering machine. However, the comedian never returned their calls so they presumed he wasn't interested, thus the door was left open for Goodman to inherit the role.

Scott "Squishy" Squibbles is based on a Japanese candy

The design of one of Mike and Sulley's Oozma Kappa fellow fraternity members, a delightfully pathetic Scott "Squishy" Squibbles, was actually inspired by the Japanese desert treat, mochi, which is a glutinous rice cake. He looks delicious.