Morgan Freeman: God didn't make the universe

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Freeman... God didn't make the universe (Copyright: Universal)

Morgan Freeman may have played God on the big screen – twice – but he's pretty sure there isn't one responsible for making the universe.

The actor has been doing the promotional rounds for 'Through The Wormhole', the programme he hosts and narrates for the Science channel in the US.

In an interview with the Huffington Post, the man whose voice has anointed many a project in a distinctly omnipotent fashion, made his personal beliefs known.

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When asked whether he believes in the notion of 'intelligent design', he said: “No. Let me clarify that answer. Because intelligent design is exactly what we see. But does that come from some being? I think life itself is intelligent. I don't think necessarily that a creator had to be involved.

“You can't go on any show and say, 'I can say what I believe but I can't say what is'. I don't know what is. We want to present both sides of any... because it is all predicated on faith. It is what you believe. And on this show we want to accept all ideas and be inclusive.”

Following up with a question about what he thinks personally, Freeman said: “Now, you are talking to Morgan Freeman, actor. You are not talking to Morgan Freeman, scientist, or Morgan Freeman, theologian, or any of that, OK? Well, I really don't think there is an entity involved in the creation of the universe.”

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Freeman has previously played God in both 'Evan Almighty', with Steve Carrell in 2007, and 'Bruce Almighty', with Jim Carrey in 2003.

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But when it comes to the existence of alien life, that's another matter.

“I am fairly certain that it does [exist]," he added.

"If you look out into the universe, there are just billions of galaxies, and each galaxy contains billions and billions of stars. So it's ludicrous to imagine that there aren't other populated worlds.”