Mortal Kombat 2 wraps filming but it’s "gonna be a while" before we see it

 Mortal Kombat.
Mortal Kombat.

Mortal Kombat 2 has finished filming and some of the sequel’s Kombatants have marked the occasion by getting together for a wrap party.

Kung Lao actor Max Huang posted a series of pictures to his Instagram page from the event alongside actors from Mortal Kombat 2, including Lewis Tan (Cole Young), Martyn Ford (Shao Khan), and Ana Thu Nguyen (Sindel).

Producer Todd Garner also took to Twitter to celebrate the end of filming with a quick video message for expectant fans – including a warning that we won’t see much of the follow-up to 2021's Mortal Kombat just yet.

"That’s a wrap from me on Mortal Kombat," Garner said. "This has been an incredible, incredible journey. I can’t wait for you all to see what we’ve done."

Garner continued, "It’s gonna be a while, we have a lot of work to do. I know I’m gonna start getting a lot of messages about like, 'When is the trailer? When is the trailer?' It’s gonna be a while. We’re gonna work hard, we’re gonna get it done. I think we made something special, and I hope you agree."

This comes off the back of a series of teases during filming from Garner, most notable of which includes a pair of teases from the costume of Johnny Cage, the movie star/Earthrealm defender played by The Boys’ Karl Urban.

Several new arrivals have also been announced as part of the Mortal Kombat 2 cast. They include the aforementioned Ford and Nguyen, alongside Uncharted’s Tati Gabrielle as Jade, Adeline Rudolph (Chilling Adventures of Sabrina) as Kitana, Desmond Chiam (Falcon and The Winter Soldier) as King Jerrod, Damon Herriman (Justified) as Quan Chi and C.J. Bloomfield (Furiosa) as Baraka.

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