Mosque will become impure if sanitisers are used: Islamic cleric

At a time when keeping one’s hands clean is everybody’s biggest priority, an Islamic cleric from the Dargah Aala Hazrat in Bareilly has urged his followers to shun all alcohol-based hand-sanitisers.

The cleric, Mufti Nashtar Farooqi of Sunni Markaz Darul Ifta, said that since “alcohol is prohibited in Islam. Muslims should not use alcohol-based sanitisers”.

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“A mosque will become impure if an alcohol-based sanitiser is used for cleaning the premises. We cannot make God’s home impure. Namaaz cannot be offered at an impure place. If the mosque is made impure knowingly, it will be a sin. I have appealed to Imams of mosques and mosques committees to refrain from using an alcohol-based sanitiser," he added.

But he also offered a solution. "Instead of using alcohol-based sanitiser, Muslims should properly wash their hands and mosque campus with soap, detergent powder and shampoo."


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