Most ‘overpaid' actor named

Drew Barrymore tops list of overpriced talent, while Eddie Murphy is second

A list of the most overpaid actors in hollywood has been compiled by Drew Barrymore should probably look away now.

The star topped their poll after the business magazine worked out that for every dollar she is paid, her films return an average of just 40 cents back. Not good.

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They worked out the figures by taking the 40 best paid actors, the amount they got paid for their last three films, and how much those films made.

Barrymore’s last effort ‘Going the Distance’ made just £11.1 million. ‘Everybody's Fine’ and ‘Whip It’ pulled in just £9.9 million and £10.3 million (figures from Box Office Mojo).

She’s not even one of the highest paid stars on the list.

In at number two is Eddie Murphy, whose films make a comparatively decent $2.70 for every dollar he is paid.

He’s earned studios a packet in the past but suffered from a recent slump, with the likes of ‘Meet Dave’ and ‘Imagine That’ not doing the business. Perhaps his latest vehicle ‘Tower Heist’ (out this week) - plus hosting the Oscars - will help next year.

A couple of Oscar winners – Nicole Kidman and Denzel Washington – also make the top ten, while Adam Sandler and Nicolas Cage’s inclusion was perhaps to be expected.

One surprise though was Tom Cruise – the ninth most overpaid actor. Despite his quirks he still enjoys a reputation for delivering box office gold.

But the huge fees he commands, plus the disastrous performance of ‘Lions for Lambs’ in 2007 – which earned only £39 million – dragged him into the roster of shame.

Will Ferrell, who topped the list for the last two years, came third.