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The Boy From Space – Thin Man Arrives (1980)

The Thin Man. Pale and silent, his creeping terror as witnessed in the ill-considered ‘Look and Read’ drama 'The Boy From Space’, could reduce even the rowdiest classroom to a stunned, petrified silence. Played by John Woodnutt (also seen in fantasy scare-a-thon 'Knightmare’), the alien hunter’s arrival in a desolate quarry-like location as he chases Dan and Helen is made all the more freaky by his weird, jerky walking. Horrific.

The Most Terrifying Moments From British Kids TV Shows

Kids are pretty resilient, right? Well it seems it’s not for a lack of trying from makers of TV shows ostensibly made for children. In hindsight, many appear to be have made for the sole purpose of reducing them to haunted, gibbering wrecks. Here are some of the very worst culprits.

Image credits: BBC/YouTube/HTV/ITV