Mother Sends Angry Letter To Disney Over Sold-Out Frozen Doll

Mike P Williams
15 April 2014
Mother Sends Angry Letter To Disney Over Sold-Out Frozen Doll
(Credit: Disney)

In one of the odder stories to emerge over the past week, it seems one mother has vented her anger at Disney in regards to the availability of 'Frozen' merchandise.

With the film proving the Studio's most popular for years, not only has the movie scooped huge worldwide profits and affirmed itself as the biggest animated film ever, but the merchandise has been flying off the shelves, too.

The infuriated parent has been ridiculed after posting a message on The Disney Store's Facebook page when she was unable to get hold of an exclusive Disney Store Elsa doll after they'd sold out. In the livid message, she thanked Disney for 'killing the magic' for her six-year-old, who has now began questioning the work ethic of Father Christmas after he failed to provide her with the gift. The mother goes on to say that, scarred by the devastating event, her girl now hopes to receive the doll for Easter instead.

After the message became a point of online mockery, the woman has since come under criticism for being materialistic and making a big deal out of something so frivolous. As many bloggers pointed out, it's not a bad life she has if failing to get the latest Disney toy is the biggest worry for her.

The story follows on from reports of obscene prices people have been paying for 'Frozen' merch online, specifically eBay, where dresses are selling for almost £1000. No doubt there are several disappointed kids (and it seems parents) who have been unable to acquire certain products from the 'Frozen' line, with eBay sellers auctioning off sought-after goods for many times their retail value, yet not all feel the need to vent their frustrations directly at Disney.

It's obviously a case of supply and demand, and, in truth, there's not a lot that people like this disgruntled mum can do. She really should let it go. (Sorry.)

Do you think this woman has overreacted just a tad?

indulges in all genres, with a particular affinity for animation -- specifically Pixar. His favourite films include 'Toy Story', 'Lost In Translation', 'The Shining' and 'Jurassic Park'. For more thoughts on movies and other such frivolity, follow him on Twitter.

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