Jaime Lee Curtis on Fox News criticism of her using weapons in a movie, despite advocating for gun control: 'It was just silly'

Kerry Justich

Fox News probably wasn’t expecting the blowback it’s getting in a thread on Twitter after it called attention in a tweet to the fact that Jamie Lee Curtis is seen brandishing weapons in her latest film, “Halloween,” even though she is an advocate for gun control.

“Jamie’s got a gun in the latest ‘Halloween’ reboot,” the article says, before noting that it is in fact Curtis’s character, Laurie Strode, using a weapon in the film. The writer draws the conclusion that this shows Curtis “isn’t entirely anti-gun.”

(Gif: Warner Bros. Pictures)
(Gif: Warner Bros. Pictures)

Curtis herself responded to the criticism in real life.

“It was just silly, because they were trying to make a point without ever asking me what I really think,” she told USA Today on Wednesday. “And what I think might surprise them.”

Curtis explained that she’s not entirely anti-gun: “I am vocal about common-sense gun safety and gun laws. For instance, I fully support an assault weapon ban, I fully support a bump stock ban.”

“I fully support the Bill of Rights,” Curtis said. “And fully support the Second Amendment. And have absolutely no problem with people owning firearms if they have been trained, licensed, a background check has been conducted, a pause button has been pushed to give time for that process to take place. And they have to renew their license just like we do with automobiles — which are weapons also.”

Meanwhile, on the internet, Twitter users by the thousands pointed out that playing a fictional character with morals that may differ from her own is Curtis’s job as an actress.

And as Twitter users note, Curtis isn’t the only actor who has played characters with values that don’t match her own.

The sarcastic responses are only a part of the thread, which has become quite political. Although some have expressed disappointment that Curtis didn’t stick to her beliefs and turn down a role that depicted gun violence, others were quick to point out that Laurie Strode is likely to have the proper permits.

[Editor’s note: this post was originally published on Oct. 10, 2018.]

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