11 million watch 'worst film of 2017' Bright in its first three days on Netflix

Perhaps it was curiosity, or perhaps the movie branded ‘the worst of 2017’ isn’t all that bad after all.

Bright, the new sci-fi fantasy starring Will Smith, which has been trounced by critics, was been streamed 11 million times over its opening weekend, according to Netflix.

Said to be its most expensive movie project yet, it finds Smith as an LAPD officer in an alternate universe who is assigned a new partner – the force’s first ever Orc recruit.

There are magic wands and thinly disguised allegories about racism, but still, Netflix users have been checking it out in their droves.

Box offices stats company Nielsen has even thrown its hat in, estimating that had it had a conventional release at the cinema, it would have translated to a $98.2 million opening weekend.

According to Screen International, Netflix spent between $90 million and $100 million acquiring the movie, outbidding a number of other studios.

And while not a staggeringly great performance, a $98.2 million opening weekend would make it the ninth highest of 2017.

Though it’s worth noting that as an existing subscriber to the service, it’s not quite the same as getting off the couch, traveling to the cinema, and handing over your hard-earned cash at the multiplex, it still clashes somewhat with the critical overview.

In fact, fans of the movie are kicking back against the poor reviews – the Rotten Tomatoes score from critics 27% ‘fresh’ score from critics is at odds with an 88% score from fans, though that’s still a stat that can become skewed with a bit of extra campaigning among fans and agitators on social media.

Director David Ayer, he of Suicide Squad infamy, seems happy enough mind you.

Bright is available to screen now on Netflix.

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