Alden Ehrenreich wants to channel Indiana Jones for Solo sequel (exclusive)

While a Solo sequel isn’t guaranteed – the prequel is currently tracking below every previous modern Star Wars film – you’d hope that when audiences get their eyes on it, they’ll be desperate for more from this crew.

And with Alden Ehrenreich effortlessly slipping into Harrison Ford’s seat at the front of the Falcon, he’s already got his eyes on another Ford character – Indiana Jones, who Ehrenreich plans to channel if a Solo sequel does get the greenlight.

“Well, I think the main thing is continuing almost in the Indiana Jones mode – different adventures, different swashbuckling stories with new and interesting characters [while] watching the relationship with all these characters continue to develop.”

“I’ve always loved the world of the Cantina, this criminal underworld component of Star Wars – so getting to see more and more of that… It was so fun for me as a kid, and so cool.”

Is it too much to ask Disney to cast Ehrenreich in their upcoming Indiana Jones reboot? Talk about history repeating itself…

But until then, Alden must return as Han Solo. Mainly because his storyline isn’t yet complete. Because as anyone who’s seen Han uttering ‘I have a good feeling about this’ in the trailers will tell you, the character is a lot more optimistic in Solo: A Star Wars Story than the cynical rogue we see in the original trilogy. Does this mean there’s darkness ahead for our hero?

“Sure, yeah. Part of that is the events that go on here, that take something out of him, over the course of his adventures in this story. Then, if you’re navigating the underworld, even in real life I’m sure, you have to develop a certain harder edge to make your way through it.”

Woody Harrelson certainly developed a harder edge on the set of Solo, after eating too many prunes. You can see the cast of Solo talking about that here.

Solo is released in cinemas on Thursday 24 May. So, tomorrow, basically.

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