Arrival stars Amy Adams, Jeremy Renner talk alien conspiracy theories

Credit: Yahoo Movies
Credit: Yahoo Movies

‘Arrival’ is the smartest film about alien invasions you’ll ever see.

One of the best-reviewed films of the year, it stars Amy Adams and Jeremy Renner as a pair of scientists who are tasked with communicating with a mysterious race of aliens who visit earth.

The film gives an eerily realistic account of what it would actually be like if aliens visited earth, but do the stars believe in extra-terrestrials in real life?

We asked them, as well as their thoughts on living in Britain, original blockbuster movies and Jeremy Renner’s massively successful property business.

Watch the interview above, and stay tuned to for the duo’s thoughts on an older Hawkeye and Lois Lane in the next few days.

‘Arrival’, directed by Denis Villeneuve, is in UK cinemas now.