Ashton Kutcher Gets Hazed by Mila Kunis Over His Awful French Accent in Silly Wine Promo

Ashton Kutcher can make just about anything funny — including a brand launch.

The 43-year-old actor and his wife Mila Kunis are debuting their recently developed wine called Outside Wine. Kutcher shared a video promoting the couple's latest endeavor Wednesday on Instagram, featuring his classic comedic relief.

"Bonjour! Comment allez-vous. It iz I, Ashton Kutcher, at Chateau Fancy as F--k," he said in his opening line of the video, clearly struggling with the French accent.

"We are here today to tell you about ze new, amazing Outside Wine. It iz a cab — OK," he continued briefly before dropping the act with a chuckle.

Kutcher tried to continue in his normal voice, but Kunis couldn't help but poke fun at her partner. "What a transition, babe!" she snickered, interrupting the Jobs actor as he attempted to begin a spiel about Paul Newman.

After some snickering, Kunis ordered Kutcher to resume. "Are you hazing me offscreen?" he asked playfully, which the Bad Moms actress denied.

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Ashton Kutcher; Mila Kunis
Ashton Kutcher; Mila Kunis

C Flanigan/FilmMagic

"Bonjour!" he said again. Kunis stopped him and redirected him to his Newman comments, which led to another hilarious exchange.

"Are you the f-----g cameraman or the director?" he chirped before going back on topic.

Kunis interrupted Kutcher again midway through the clip when the Dude, Where's My Car? star was at a loss for words while explaining the concept of Outside Wine (which incorporates the "outside the box" mantra).

"You're the worst cameraman/director ever. For all time," he said, making Kunis laugh again. "I still love you but — sorry, camerawoman."

Ashton Kutcher Instagram
Ashton Kutcher Instagram

Ashton Kutcher Instagram

As he continued, Kunis was distracted by their dog roaming around nearby and briefly panned over to the pup. Kutcher stopped and teased his wife again.

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"You're just, like, tracking the dog! Am I that boring?" he said.

Outside Wine was inspired in part by Newman, whose brand Newman's Own Foundation has supported various charitable organizations since its founding in 1982. Kutcher said he "has always been a fan" of Newman, both for his acting and philanthropy.

"I've always been a huge fan of Paul Newman, not only was he an unbelievable extraordinary actor, but he used his position and he used his celebrity and fame to do some extraordinary good in the world through his Newman's Own [Foundation]," Kutcher said in the video.

On the bottle's label is a 3D cube, with one transparent side. As the wine is consumed, a charity (which will receive the proceeds from the bottle's sale) is revealed on the opposite side of the label.

Ashton Kutcher Instagram
Ashton Kutcher Instagram

Ashton Kutcher Instagram

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Kutcher and Kunis were inspired to launch the product after their wine garnered more than $1 million for charity amid the global pandemic. Kutcher said the couple was "blown away" by the outpouring of support, which gave them the idea for Outside Wine.

"We also said to ourselves, 'Maybe this is something we could do and should do going forward a la Newman's Own," Kutcher said.

The couple has partnered with Nocking Point Wines (who helped them with their Quarantine wine) to produce the "extraordinary" red blend. They also partnered with skateboarding great Tony Hawk's organization The Skate Park Project and — the initial beneficiaries of the wine's profits.

A new charity will be added every three months "so we can continue to give."