'Avengers: Infinity War' directors tease trailer drop THIS WEEK

‘Avengers: Infinity War’ concept art (Marvel Studios)
‘Avengers: Infinity War’ concept art (Marvel Studios)

UPDATE: Good Morning America has announced the first Avengers: Infinity War trailer will be released on Wednesday at midday.

ORIGINAL STORY: It’s been a long, long time since the first Avengers: Infinity War footage was revealed to hardcore Marvel fans at Disney’s D23 fan convention back in July. Now it looks like the first official trailer for the third Avengers movie could be dropping this week.

Joe and Anthony Russo – the directing siblings behind Infinity War, Captain America: Winter Soldier, and Captain America: Civil War – have been teasing their followers on social media with cryptic posts pointing to Thursday as the release date for the first teaser.

Yesterday they simply posted an image with the number 3, followed by one today of the number 2, presumably tomorrow (Wednesday) will bring a 1, and finally (we’re hoping) a proper trailer on Thursday.

Fans have been begging for the first trailer for months now, and the whole question of when it’ll finally be released has become a meme in itself.

A number of videos, purportedly from the first look footage, have leaked online over the past few days although they’ve now been taken down. One clip is said to show Captain America (Chris Evans), Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson), and Falcon (Anthony Mackie) battling a minion of Thanos (Josh Brolin) called Proxima Midnight.

Another clip is said to show the Guardians of the Galaxy encountering Thanos in the Collector’s lair. Thanos is clearly tracking down the Infinity Stones as the Collector currently holds the Reality Stone after the events of the first GOTG film.

Until Marvel Studios drops the first trailer – which will also likely play in front of Star Wars: The Last Jedi at cinemas – we’ll just have to make do with the behind-the-scenes video that dropped earlier this year.

Avengers: Infinity War is coming to UK cinemas in May, 2018.

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