'A Bad Moms Christmas' second green- and red-band trailers: Meet the parents

The only thing guaranteed to drive a young mom crazier than her kids is her own mother. Naturally, in A Bad Moms Christmas, Mila Kunis, Kristen Bell, and Kathryn Hahn rebel not only against their holiday responsibilities, but also their moms unexpectedly coming to town. The sequel aims to deliver even more of the raunchy comedy that made last year’s original a hit, a goal further confirmed by its new red-band trailer (watch it below; NSFW), which injects some precocious profanity into the Yuletide season — if you like hearing both kids and adults curse like sailors, you’re in the right place. If that doesn’t sound like a gift to you, try the “all audiences” green-band version above.

Directors Scott Moore and Jon Lucas’ follow-up will once again find Kunis, Bell, and Hahn shouldering the stress of being queen of the household, but this time their duties are compounded by the arrival of Bell’s mom (Cheryl Hines), obsessed with being her clingy BFF; Hahn’s mom (Susan Sarandon) proving to be a hot mess; and Kunis’ mom (Christine Baranski) demanding that her daughter accept that at this time of year, mothers bring joy to others, rather than actually experience it themselves.

With crotch-waxing gags, boozy revelry, and Santa lap dances, both new A Bad Moms Christmas trailers make no bones about the movie’s naughty-but-nice take on the holidays. You can check it out above or below depending on your preference, and see the film in theaters beginning Nov. 3.

‘A Bad Moms Christmas’: Watch the NSFW red-band trailer:

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