The best films on TV: Monday, 6 April

Heroes come in all shapes and size. (Fox/Studiocanal/WB)
Heroes come in all shapes and size. (Fox/Studiocanal/WB)

Uncommonly impressive animations, affable adventures, forgotten noir classics and unrivalled action are up for grabs as TopFilmTip brings you the best films on TV for Monday, 6 April

Moral complications of recognition and respect for emerging artificial intelligence, creativity and life are explored in gay marriage metaphor under the guise of Isaac Asimov’s iconic novel Bicentennial Man 12:30pm Sony Movie Channel

One-eyed story telling musical origami magician seeks parent’s legacy in breathtaking myth and mystery fantasy Kubo And The Two Strings 12:40pm Film4

Marmalade munching, ear-brushing, self-taping, furry catastrophe seeks London home in guffaw inducing affable immigration analogy Paddington 5pm Film4

Unable to escape his criminal past, speed running gravel haulier battles to expose murderous corruption in unscrupulous trucking firm Hell Drivers 5:50pm Talking Pictures

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Double-dadded drifter uncovers his alien origins and scraps with serious species supremacist in metropolis demolishing mega melee Man Of Steel 9pm Sky 1

IMF overachiever gambles his life in truly astonishing, taut, gender-equalising, multi-mcguffin hunt Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation 9pm Film4

Callow housewife & jaded BFF assert their womanhood whilst on crime spree road-trip in iconic journey of self-discovery Thelma And Louise 11:35pm 5Star

Vegetable bludgeoning sound engineer's psyche slips south of reality in 70's Italian horror homaging cryptic comedy Berberian Sound Studio 1:30am Film4

Traumatised teen, unstuck in time, alters his past only to worsen the future in Vonnegut-esque brain bender The Butterfly Effect 2am Sony Movie Channel

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