The best films on TV today: Monday, 15 June

Wind Chill, Stoker, Rogue.
Wind Chill, Stoker, Rogue.

Enjoy magical monsters, theological satire and breathtaking psychological thrills as TopFilmTip brings you the best films on TV for Monday, 15 June.

Some films may require a Sky subscription.

Xenozoologist and misfit New-Yorkers corral Obscure escaped creatures in numinous adventurous fun Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them 6:25pm ITV2

Shunned minority battle for recognition and equality to proclaim "We're here to stay" in super-powered coming-out allegory X-Men 2 6:25pm Film 4

Obnoxious student Emily Blunt and car sharing stranger endure chilling night of ghostly assault when stranded and snowbound on Christmas Eve in frostbitten horror Wind Chill 9:00pm Horror Channel

Quick-drawing snake-hunter rescues missionaries from mortar slaughtering Burmese kidnappers in lumpy, chunky, body-blasting fun Rambo 9:00pm Sony Movies

Broken and beleaguered remnants of failed heroes find final purpose protecting weaponised waif in head-stabbing heart-breaker Logan 9:00pm Film4

Amidst a seemly idyllic community of police men's families, a sheriff must investigate dirty cops. Sly Stallone stars in Cop Land 10:00pm ITV4

Girl shattered by father's death becomes uncle's infatuation in visually arresting, aurally immersive and elegantly abrasive Stoker 11:45pm Film4

Brain-munching zombie brainiac, sexually-slandered vampire and virginal human put aside differences to battle alien onslaught in Werner Herzog teen-comedy curio Freaks of Nature 00:40am Horror Channel

After texting humanity’s death-dates, pugnacious god’s defiant daughter seeks apostles in theological satire The Brand New Testament 1:45am Film4

Stranded in backwater, Northern Territories tour group are stalked by colossal killer croc in character led creature feature Rogue 2:30am Horror Channel

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