Billy Bob Thornton's as Filthy as Ever in First Full Trailer for 'Bad Santa 2' (NSFW)

Warning: The above trailer is NSFW

Willie T. Soke is back, and, as you can see in the first true trailer for Bad Santa 2 (a tease was released two weeks back), Billy Bob Thornton’s character is just the cranky, foul-mouthed horn-dog you remember.

November’s sequel to the unlikely 2003 holiday favorite (well, unless you ask my horrified aunt and uncle) returns not only the Sling Blade Oscar winner, but also original costars Tony Cox (as his diminutive partner-in-crime, Marcus) and — thank the lord — Brett Kelly (as the now-21-year-old and still baby-faced Thurman Merman).

Noticeably absent is Willie’s love interest Sue, played by Lauren Graham, and sadly fellow castmembers Bernie Mac and John Ritter have both since passed away. But the film does introduce Mad Men alum Christina Hendricks as Willie’s new object of affection, Diane (whom he woos with the come-on, “You got gigantic t-ts”), and screen vet Kathy Bates as his momma, Sunny.

Willie, now living in Chicago, is still hating life as a Santa Claus impersonator. Not much else about the film’s plot is revealed in this first look, though we do know Marcus wants to lure Willie into another heist and Willie wants the schlubby Thurman to lose his virginity (cue a delicious cameo from Octavia Spencer, who also had a brief role as a hooker in the first film).

The original, directed by Terry Zwigoff with writing support from the Coen brothers, won points from fans for being blisteringly funny and proudly offensive while still somehow showing huge heart.

The sequel, directed by Mark Waters (Mean Girls) from a script by Shauna Cross, John Phillips, John Rosenthal, and Entourage creator Doug Ellin, has big boots to fill. But as the trailer reveals, it’s not afraid to go there, opening with a little casual racism and closing with a domestic violence joke. Better tell your aunt and uncle to tread carefully.

Bad Santa 2 opens Nov. 23.