Bruce Willis teases new 'Die Hard'... but it's just an advert for car batteries

Die Hard (Credit: 20th Century Fox)
Die Hard (Credit: 20th Century Fox)

Die Hard fans got all sweaty-vested over the weekend, following a tease of the return of a certain grumpy policeman John McClane.

It all started when Bruce Willis's daughter Rumer dropped a cryptic message to her Instagram page on Saturday, captioned '#DieHardIsBack', and a tantalising 15-second video.

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👀 #DIEHARDISBACK . . . #ad

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The clip featured Willis whistling Beethoven's Ode To Joy, McClane's unofficial anthem, while walking down an ominously deserted street.

Deserted, that is, until he comes up on some tough guys...

“As one story ends, a new one begins,” reads a very plausible movie-style tagline on screen, as McClane gets ready for a dust up.

But the hope of a new chapter in the Die Hard series was soon dashed, and while the clip is indeed 'for Die Hard', it's actually for Die Hard car batteries (whose name actually pre-dates the Die Hard movies).

The two-minute ad was revealed yesterday, with Willis crawling through air ducts and getting thrown through a window.

Villain Theo from the first movie, played by Clarence Gilyard Jr, turns up, as does Argyle (De'voreaux White), the limo driver.

And as well as some pretty high production values, there's also a serviceable 'yippee-kay-yay'.

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We all recall what happened when we last wished for a Die Hard sequel back in 2013, however.

We got A Good Day To Die Hard, and while it wasn't a total bust at the box office, it was battered by viewers and critics alike.