Captain America Abused By Top Gear Critics

On Sunday night Chris Evans might have noticed that his Twitter account was being deluged with abusive messages regarding his performance on ‘Top Gear’.

Unfortunately, rather than these messages heading to the 50-year-old television presenter, a number of them were instead sent to the 34-year-old ‘Captain America: Civil War’ actor.

While Marvel’s Chris Evans calls @ChrisEvans his home on Twitter, ‘Top Gear’s’ Chris Evans has the handle of @achrisevans. The fact that more than one person could have the name Chris Evans was overlooked by vehement ‘Top Gear’ fans, who quickly took to the site to hurl abuse at the show’s new host.

Which meant that Captain America soon started receiving messages like, “You were rubbish in ‘Top Gear’,” and “Did anybody else turn over to ‘Antiques Roadshow’ for a really interesting programme?”

Thankfully British Captain America fans soon informed Evans of the misunderstanding, as he was the recipient of Tweets like, “That actor from [the] Avengers must be pig sick of all the ‘Top Gear’ tweets he’s getting.”

However, some ‘Top Gear’ fans took this as a sign that the BBC should try and perform a Chris Evans swap deal with Marvel. Which is something that would really spruce up ‘Avengers: Infinity War’. I’d also think that it would immediately make much more moviegoers Team Iron Man, too.

Unfortunately, Chris Evans is yet to respond to the accidental torrent of abuse that has come his way.

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[Images via BBC/Marvel Studios]