Captain America: Civil War has been submitted for Oscars consideration

Earlier this year Disney and Marvel released ‘Captain America: Civil War’ to rapturous acclaim and made a killing at the box office.


But now, according to, Marvel has put the film forward for awards consideration in the hope that it’d grab the attention of those who can include it in awards season, which means getting noticed by the Academy for any potential Oscars too.

No Marvel film has ever actually won an Oscar but have, over the years, had a number of nominations in various categories. The noms include Robert Downey Jr.’s solo trilogy of movies: that’s 2008′s ‘Iron Man’, 2010′s ‘Iron Man 2′, and 2013′s ‘Iron Man 3′; the others are ‘Avengers Assemble’, ’Captain America: The Winter Solider’, and ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ where all received nominations for Best Visual Effects. ‘Iron Man’ also got the nod for Best Sound Editing, and Guardians’ for Makeup and Hairstyling.

Last week they held a ‘For Your Consideration’ screening of the movie in the hope of gaining that all-important recognition to get their awards season rolling, and in truth there’s no reason why ‘Civil War’, directed by the Russo Brothers, can’t nab a hefty amount of awards between now and early 2017.


The epic film has already been praised by critics and the fan base, having made an eye-watering $1.153 billion in worldwide ticket sales, so why not go full pelt with competing for awards too?

We’re not sure it’ll go as far as to get any acting or Best Picture nods, but it certainly shouldn’t struggle to compete in categories that recognise editing, sound and visual effects.

Can ‘Civil War’ be the first Marvel flick to win a famous golden statue? We’ll find out come 26 February.

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Picture credit: Disney/Marvel