Christoph Waltz Says His Blofeld In Spectre Wasn't Up To Scratch

Christoph Waltz has admitted that he doesn’t think his portrayal of Ernst Blofeld in ‘Spectre’ wasn’t quite up to snuff.

He also added that with the next movie without a studio (Sony’s deal with MGM expired last November) and, perhaps, without a Bond, he’s not sure if he’ll be reprising the role in the future.

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“I cannot claim that I’ve really nailed Blofeld,” he told the German magazine Zeit-Magazin Mann

“Overall, it held water and was okay. But it wasn’t what I’ve been looking for. I was searching for more inspiration.”

Waltz’s role as Blofeld was kept secret during the production of ‘Spectre’, despite rumours that he’d be playing the long-standing Bond villain.

He even denied it specifically, saying: “That is absolutely untrue. That rumour started on the Internet, and the Internet is a pest. The name of my character is Franz Oberhauser.”

The truth emerged once the film was released, of course, but whether Waltz will be pitching up again, he’s not sure.

“I don’t know about that. Nobody knows. It wasn’t talked about, except in the press,” he said.

“Right now, nobody even knows which studio will produce the next and if Daniel will return. All of that is filed under ‘carry on’.”

Rumours emerged last week that Daniel Craig has been offered as much as $150 million (around £112 million) to play Bond for another two movies.

Image credits: Sony Pictures