Colin Firth's wife drops stalking charges against ex-lover

Colin Firth and Livia Giuggioli (Credit: Kika Press)
Colin Firth and Livia Giuggioli (Credit: Kika Press)

Livia Giuggioli, the wife of actor Colin Firth, has dropped stalking charges against her ex-lover following a court settlement.

Marco Brancaccia was reported to the police by Giuggioli, a reporter, after he sent compromising pictures to Firth.

The couple were then reportedly subjected to a ‘terrifying ordeal’, after Giuggioli returned to her husband following the year-long affair, and were left ‘living in fear’ following a barrage of emails and messages.

Brancaccia was charged with stalking and faced up to five years in prison prior to the case being dropped by Giuggioli.

Brancaccia had previously denied harassing Giuggioli, calling the claims ‘bulls**t’.

He told The Sun: “I was angry and upset. I sent an email to Colin and it had a picture of Livia. I wanted him to know what happened.

“I had a reply which was very understanding. Then police are at my house and they’ve taken my computer and phone.”

In a joint statement, lawyers said: “In the best interests of their families, the parties have agreed a private settlement.

“The parties have asked the court for a postponement of the preliminary hearing in order to formalise the agreement.

“This agreement precludes any further public statement by any of the parties about this matter.”

The settlement means that details of the couple’s affair will not go public.

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