David Schwimmer is unrecognisable in bizarre new Super Bowl ads

This is Friends star David Schwimmer as you’ve never seen him before.

Unless you seem him breathing laser beams or wearing a wig of lank hair while playing a human puppet. In which case, as you were.

In a brilliant turn of events, Schwimmer has been persuaded by Skittles to take part in the wonderfully bizarre clips, set to air during this year’s Super Bowl.

Except the conceit of the campaign is that Skittles is only showing the full advert to one single person – teenager Marcos Menendez of Los Angeles.

The ads that Schwimmer appears in are odd preludes to the advert itself (stick with us here).

In one, he’s wearing a suit, a polo neck and a bad wig.

“You’re probably wondering if this a scene from that new Skittles Super Bowl ad that they’re only showing to one single person. I’m kind of wondering that myself,” he says, before beams of light shoot from his mouth.

In another, he’s sitting on the knee of a puppet which is sitting on the knee of a man.

It’s all very odd indeed.

Speaking about the campaign, Schwimmer told Ad Age: “I just thought it was really funny and inherently subversive.”

Asked if he also enjoyed Skittles himself, he added: “I would never promote a product I didn’t actually enjoy myself.”

That’s immensely comforting.

The ad will air on February 4. But you won’t see it, sadly.

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