Dungeons and Dragons share hopes for a sequel

Dungeons & Dragons: Honour Among Thieves has yet to reach cinemas, but already the cast are eager to return to the movie’s fantasy world. Dungeons & Dragons: Honour Among Thieves is in UK cinemas from 31 March.

Video transcript

- The world building, it's a world so ripe for stories. Do you see this as just the Chapter One of your "Dungeons and Dragons" journey? Will this keep going for both of you?

REGE-JEAN PAGE: I don't that there are limits to where these stories can go. I think the joy of "Dungeons and Dragons" is that it is about limitless, boundless imagination as well that only has edges where your mind does. So I think that any stories that want to be told in there, we can find space for

MICHELLE RODRIGUEZ: You what I find intriguing is that what I'm told by the Wizards of the Coast is that all the different "Dungeons and Dragons" realms are connected by portals.

REGE-JEAN PAGE: Is this official knowledge?

MICHELLE RODRIGUEZ: Yeah, you can go from the map that we played in "Dungeons and Dragons," which is based on a real map with the Under Dark and all of that, which is medieval-like structure, you can go from that to steampunk, to cyberpunk, to all these different maps that have been created.


You know what I'm saying? If they literally wanted to start fresh with a completely different cast, they could. So all we can do is cross our fingers and be like, come on, man, barbarian--


JONATHAN GOLDSTEIN: We were very careful not to approach this as the number one of five, or whatever number. Our producer, Jeremy Latcham, likes to remind us of what Kevin Feige said to him when they were making Iron Man 1, which was that let's make one good movie, forget about a sequel, there's no sequel unless you make this great. And that's really how we focused on it, we weren't planting seeds or little threads to pick up later.

JOHN FRANCIS DALEY: It's a grave mistake that I think studios often make when they're trying to create franchises, where they put the cart before the horse and they think how do I build out this cinematic universe. And often, it is to the detriment of that first film. And so for us, it was let's put everything that we have into this movie, make something that we're really proud of, and then let fate decide what happens after that.

SOPHIA LILLIS: It was a lot of fun. I do feel like if we were ever to do that again, I would have done it differently. I think that was--

JUSTICE SMITH: What would you have done differently?

SOPHIA LILLIS: I don't know, just play the character a little bit more sarcastic, I guess.

JUSTICE SMITH: You were, though.


JUSTICE SMITH: You were never not sarcastic so I don't know what you're talking about.

SOPHIA LILLIS: Just to have a little bit more of her voice in it. Maybe she would have helped you guys fight towards the end


JUSTICE SMITH: --and was fighting something completely pointless while we were dealing with the big bad guy.