Edward Norton sets the record straight on saving Leonardo DiCaprio’s life

Actor and director Edward Norton has told how he stepped in to save Leonardo DiCaprio after the Hollywood star ran out of air during a diving expedition.

The pair were nearing the end of a trip with marine biologist Sylvia Earle in the Galapagos Islands when DiCaprio dived back into the water to chase after a group of rays.

Norton, who is an experienced diver, realised DiCaprio did not have enough oxygen to complete the dive and followed him.

Speaking on The Jonathan Ross Show, Motherless Brooklyn star and director Norton decided to set the record straight, saying there was “some truth to this story”.

“It has been pumped up a bit more than it deserves,” he said.

“We were in the Galapagos Islands. We were scuba diving with Sylvia Earle, the great oceanographer.

“I’ve known Leo a long time and he loses his mind around animals. He really has a childlike passion for them.

“This flight of 100 spotted eagle rays went by below us and I saw the look on his face.

Edward Norton and his wife Shauna Robertson
Edward Norton and his wife Shauna Robertson (Daniel Leal-Olivas/PA)

“I saw him charging off with this camera that he had and I have been diving since I was 16 years old. I reflectively looked at my watch and was like: ‘We’re very close to the end.’

“I saw him going off and down and I knew that wasn’t a good thing so I followed him because I thought to myself, he’s chasing these things, he’s going to run out of air – and he did.”

Norton appeared on the sofa with Robbie Williams, David Walliams and the stars of Charlie’s Angels.

Norton also recalled acting in 2001’s crime thriller The Score alongside Marlon Brando and Robert De Niro.

He said: “That’s one you do just because of the poster… Some things you do just for the story and for the experience.”

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