Fantasy Horror Series Underworld May Move To TV

Len Wiseman, creator of the vampires-versus-werewolves franchise ‘Underworld,’ has spoken of plans to continue the series on television.

An as-yet untitled fifth ‘Underworld’ movie is scheduled to hit screens this autumn, seeing Kate Beckinsale reprise her signature role of gun-toting, rubber-clad vampire warrior Selene for the fourth time (the actress having skipped the third film, ‘Underworld: Rise of the Lycans,’ a prequel).

The idea of a small screen spin-off has long been touted, and in conversation with Collider Wiseman says hopes are high this will still happen.

“Yes, there’s been a lot of conversations and even development on what that series would be. It’s really appropriate for television, in terms of how those characters can really tie in, but also become something new. It’s really an attractive space.

“I don’t want to put a date on it because then that’s going to be printed and it might not happen in that timeframe, but it is a thought.”

It would seem unlikely that Beckinsale would reprise her role on the small screen, but it is currently unknown whether the series would choose to recast Selene, or simply base the series around other characters within that universe.

Wiseman - who went from directing the 2003 original ‘Underworld’ to ‘Die Hard 4.0′ and the ‘Total Recall’ remake - was married to Beckinsale from 2004, but the couple are now reportedly seperated.

The fifth ‘Underworld,’ from director Anna Foerster, opens in US cinemas on 26 October; no UK release date has been confirmed yet.

Picture Credit: Screen Gems/Sony

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