'Game of Thrones' stars are mortified being shown behind-the-scenes footage from season one

Many of the stars of Game of Thrones grew up on the show, from its premiere in 2011 to its finale in 2019.

And eight years when you're a former child star is a veeeeery long time.

As such, when US talk show host Conan O'Brien confronted Maisie Williams, Sophie Turner, Kit Harington and Isaac Hempstead Wright with some behind-the-scenes footage from season one, the reaction is painful to watch.

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Harington even blurts out an involuntary 'f**k off' when confronted with the callow Jon Snow, before covering his face.

Williams watches through her fingers, as her 13-year-old self explains how she's 'best fwends' with Sophie Turner.

“So embarrassing,” she manages as the footage ends.

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The reel was filmed for the Game of Thrones: The Complete Collection Blu-ray set, which will be coming soon from HBO.

And it's probably worth the entry price for Harington's cringing alone.