Good Omens season 2: Cast, plot and release date as Neil Gaiman teases season 3

Michael Sheen and David Tennant are back

Michael Sheen and David Tennant in Good Omens (Prime Video)
Michael Sheen and David Tennant in Good Omens (Prime Video)

Good Omens is returning for a second season on Prime Video, adding a new chapter to the story first created by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman in 1990.

Prepare the Bentley and hide the antichrist, because the ineffable angel Aziraphale and demon Crowley are back by popular demand.

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They saved the world from being destroyed by an apocalyptic holy war between heaven and hell, and now Aziraphale and Crowley are destined for another adventure. Here is everything that we know so far.

When is Good Omens season 2 coming out?

David Tennant and Michael Sheen team up to save the world in the 'Good Omens' trailer
David Tennant and Michael Sheen team up to save the world in the 'Good Omens' trailer

Prime Video announced on Wednesday, 11 May that the six-episode second season of the critically acclaimed show would return to the streamer on Friday, 28 July.

The announcement was made at the end of a collaboration Gaiman did with The Hillywood Show, titled Good Omens Parody.

Good Omens season 2 will have six episodes in total and episodes set to come out at once on Prime Video, so fans can binge the show to their heart's content.

Good Omens season 2 plot

Prime Video confirmed that the second season will go beyond Pratchett and Gaiman’s original book, and it will focus on the “uncanny friendship” between Aziraphale and Crowley.

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The pair are said to be getting ready to take things easy after stopping the Apocalypse in season one, and enjoying life in Soho, London, when an unexpected messenger disturbs their peace with a surprising mystery.

What the mystery will be is a closely-guarded secret, and fans of the book will not be able to guess at it either because the first season of the show already adapted the story as Pratchett and Gaiman had written it.

Gaiman has since revealed that the story he plotted for season 2 will lead into a theoretical third season that he and Pratchett had come up with together years ago.

NEW YORK, NEW YORK - OCTOBER 07: Neil Gaiman speak onstage at the Prime Video Presents: Good Omens panel during New York Comic Con 2022 on October 07, 2022 in New York City. (Photo by Paul Morigi/Getty Images for ReedPop)
Neil Gaiman has revealed he wrote the plot for Good Omens season 2 so that it naturally led to the storyline he and Terry Pratchett had come up with for a sequel years ago (Getty Images)

Speaking with SFX magazine, Gaiman shared: "Because the hypothetical season three exists, there is a story that is there, and I didn’t feel that we could drive straight from season one into that.

"I knew what the stakes were. I knew what the parameters were. I also knew that I had David and Michael. I had the angels from plot number one. I had demons from plot number one.

"And with anybody that I wanted to bring back, but didn’t have room for right now, I did not have to bring them back as themselves."

Good Omens season 2 cast

It would be unimaginable for Good Omens to be without its lead stars Michael Sheen and David Tennant, who play Aziraphael and Crowley respectively, and the good news is both will be returning for the second season.

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Other actors returning to the franchise include Jon Hamm as archangel Gabriel, Doon Mackichan as archangel Michael, and Gloria Obianyo as archangel Uriel.

Miranda Richardson as Shax in Good Omens season 2 (Prime Video)
Miranda Richardson as Shax in Good Omens season 2 (Prime Video)

Miranda Richardson will also be returning to the show in a new role as the demon Shax, while Maggie Service and Nina Sosanya will also play new characters Maggie and Nina after taking on the roles of Sister Theresa Garrulous and Mary Hodges in season one.

Newcomers to the cast include Liz Carr, who will play angel Saraqael, Quelin Sepulveda as angel Muriel, and Shelley Conn as demon Beelzebub.

Good Omens season 2 trailer

The trailer for Good Omens season 2 was released on Wednesday, 7 June. Watch it below.

Good Omens season 1 is available to watch on Prime Video now.