The goriest and most extreme Fox films that now belong to Disney

Disney’s vault just got a whole lot scarier (20th Century Fox)
Disney’s vault just got a whole lot scarier (20th Century Fox)

The Disney-Fox deal has finally closed causing both Ryan Reynolds and The Simpsons to mark the occasion.

And though the studio can now add Deadpool and Avatar to its catalogue there are more than a few rather extreme titles it has acquired too.

Yep, Disney, known for its kid-friendly content, are now the proud owners of some of Fox’s most horrifying products and franchises and people will certainly be looking to see what it has in store for them in the future.

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Will they do reboots, sequels or continuations of these gory movies or will they collect dust on the home entertainment shelf?

Either way, Disney will be making money from these extreme titles going forward.


Arnold Schwarzenegger starred in the original horror action film back in 1987 and the entire franchise has seen these predators rip humans, aliens, and other pitiful foes to shreds in equal measure.

The Predator was the latest instalment released in cinemas last year to box office success but not much critical fanfare but it was just as gruesome as its predecessors with even more spines getting ripped out of bodies.

28 Days Later

Danny Boyle’s zombie movie changed the game for the genre with the feral undead able to chase down its prey with maniacal speed and instilling serious terror as they rip humans’ jugulars out.

So far there has been one sequel, 28 Days Weeks Later, Robert Carlyle gouging people’s eyes out and Hawkeye Jeremy Renner trying to stop him so who knows, maybe a 28 Months Later could be on the cards too.

The Omen

Disney sure does like its child leads for its movies but devil child Damien might now be its scariest.

The film is filled with horrifying deaths including his nanny jumping out of a window with a noose around her neck. Mary Poppins would never.


Could Ellen Ripley be back again?
Could Ellen Ripley be back again?

Ridley’s Scott sci-fi horror franchise began 40 years ago shocking audiences with its gruesome extraterrestrial that goes from bursting out of people’s chest to burning people with its acid blood. The movie spawned five more instalments; 2017’s Alien Covenant was the latest to be released in cinemas.

There were plans for another prequel sequel from Neil Blomkamp and James Cameron said in February he was looking to revive the project – will Disney get on board though?


First conceived as a movie trailer for Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino’s Grindhouse double feature, Danny Trejo’s antihero got his own solo outing and sequel with Machete Kills. One of the brutal scenes from the original film is when Padre, an ally of Machete, is murdered in his own church by being nailed to a cross bvut that doesn’t come close to the bloody violence our hero unleashes with his titular weapon.


Disney now has Fox’s Marvel Universe as well as its own MCU but it also has British comic book franchise Kingsman which is one of the goriest ones out there. Seriously, we saw another side to Colin Firth when he destroys a load of East End thugs during that bloody bar fight in the first film.

Matthew Vaughan is already working on a prequel to follow up Kingsman – The Golden Circle but it certainly won’t be suitable for Disney’s younger MCU audience.

Fight Club

David Fincher’s psychological thriller starring Ed Norton and Brad Pitt became a cult classic after failing to make much money at the box office. It earned polarising views because of its extreme violence and moral ambiguity which is not exactly what Disney is known for.

There’s a particularly tough scene to watch when Norton’s Narrator nearly pummels Jared Leto’s Angel Face to death because he “felt like destroying something beautiful.”

The Fly

Fox had been in talks to remake the 1958 movie (on which David Cronenberg’s 1986 remake was based) and Jeff Goldblum had ideas for it too, so we might be seeing this gruesome sci-fi horror in the next few years.

Really though, will they be able to match the pure grotesqueness of Goldblum’s ear falling off as his insectoid transformation peaks.

Wrong Turn

There have been six movies in Alan B. McElroy’s horror franchise since Elisha Dushku starred in the first back in 2003. So if Disney fancy getting into the cannibalism genre then a seventh could be on its way soon.

It’s not all deformed loonies eating humans, the hunts are just as terrifying especially when one poor girl gets an axe to the face.