Irvine Welsh wants 'Trainspotting 3' to happen before stars get too old

T2 Trainspotting (Credit: Sony)
T2 Trainspotting (Credit: Sony)

Irvine Welsh has said that he wants to get cracking on a third Trainspotting movie before the movie's stars are all 'in a rest home'.

Trainspotting 2, or T2 Trainspotting as it was stylised, emerged in 2017, a solid 21 years after the first, iconic adaptation of Welsh's 1993 novel.

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The writer was making the comments to The Big Issue on the occasion of the first movie's 25th anniversary.

Welsh, now 62, said: “There is no culture now and the pertinent things from the past, when we had a living culture, are ossified and regenerated.

Scottish author Irvine Welsh poses for a photograph during an interview with Reuters ahead of the premiere of the film
Irvine Welsh (Credit: REUTERS/Russell Cheyne) (Russell Cheyne / reuters)

“It took us long enough to work up the bottle to do number two. They’ll all be in the rest home by the time we had the bottle to do number three.”

The original stars are now 49 (Ewan McGregor), 50 (Ewan Bremner), 48 (Jonny Lee Miller), 59 (Robert Carlyle) and 45 (Kelly Macdonald).

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The original movie, helmed by Danny Boyle, was a critical and box office smash, and continues to be ranked among the best British movies of all time.

Trainspotting (Credit: PolyGram)
Trainspotting (Credit: PolyGram)

T2 saw the gang reform, with McGregor's Renton drawn back to Edinburgh after having quit the UK, and his heroin addiction, for a new life in Amsterdam.

It was also critically applauded, though not quite as well received at the box office.

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