Jennifer Saunders says there will be no Absolutely Fabulous 2

Ab Fab... is all over, says Jennifer Saunders - Credit: Fox
Ab Fab… is all over, says Jennifer Saunders – Credit: Fox

That’s it, darlings. No more Ab Fab.

And that’s no more TV, and certainly not a sequel to the recently released big screen take on the hapless fashionistas Edina Monsoon and Patsy Stone.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Jennifer Saunders said: “I’m not doing anything more with Ab Fab. That. Is. It.”

Sounds pretty unequivocal.

“I can’t see the point of doing anything else with [Ab Fab],” she added.

“It just takes so long. There’s lots of other stuff I’d like to do. Plus, I’d like to spend time with my grandchildren.”

Part of the reason could be that now movies and TV series sit within a different media landscape from when the series originally aired.

(Credit: Fox)
(Credit: Fox)

She goes on to say: “‘Everyone’s a critic. At least in the old days you didn’t know how many people liked you or hated you, you just lived in this blissful close circle of friends.

“Nowadays I’m not surprised people are cracking up, because you think, ‘This is unsafe’.”

The movie received rather mixed reviews on its release in July, grossing nearly £30 million at the worldwide box office.

It featured a star-laden cast including cameos from Gwendoline Christie, Jon Hamm, Kate Moss, Cara Delevingne, Jean-Paul Gaultier, Jerry Hall and Rebel Wilson, alongside regulars Joanna Lumley, Kathy Burke, June Whitfield, Julia Sawalha and Jane Horrocks.

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