Karl Urban Hints At Dredd Netflix Series

‘Dredd’ star Karl Urban hints at a return to Mega City One.


It’s no secret that ‘Dredd’ has a pretty passionate fan base. After all, they’ve been campaigning for a sequel for some time. But could it really happen?

There may be a glimmer of hope…

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A couple of weeks ago, ‘Dredd’ fan @SteJay revealed a rather cool fan pic of what Karl Urban’s Judge Dredd could look if he had his own Netflix series.


And it was so well received that Karl Urban himself commented on whether or not he’d be interested in reprising the role for a Netflix Original.

“Dredd 2 : I’d do it !! @netflix or @Amazon,” he tweeted. “There’s a gold mine of Awesome Mega city 1 stories !”

Of course, given the awesome reception of Marvel’s rather-gritty comic book adaptation ‘Daredevil’, it feels as though Netflix could be a rather nice fit for the ‘Dredd’ universe.

And Karl Urban’s keen response may just have pushed things a little further.

“On @netflix or @amazon Dredd series @KarlUrban says “conversations are happening” @Calgaryexpo #CalgaryExpo” said a fan attending Calgary Expo, where Urban made an appearance.

But could it really happen?

Back in 2014, Urban said something very similar about the proposed ‘Dredd’ sequel, that “conversations are taking place between the studio, the director, and writer Alex Garland”. Unfortunately, nothing ever came of that… so it’s not exactly a confirmation that we’ll ever see a Netflix series, either.

But it seems there might be hope.

According to ‘Dredd’ producer Adi Shankar, the original movie ‘totally bombed’, earning a meagre $30 million for the studio with a production cost of $50 million. But it still won over a rather devoted fan base… and Netflix seems like the ideal home for another try.

Let’s just hope we get to see Karl Urban don the iconic helmet once again.

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Picture Credit: Lionsgate, Twitter.