Kim Cattrall said she'd 'moved on' from 'Sex and the City' drama in interview ahead of surprise reboot cameo

Sex and the City alum Kim Cattrall spoke about not wanting to be
Sex and the City alum Kim Cattrall spoke about not wanting to be "unhappy" on set ahead of announcing her appearance in the show's reboot. (Photo: LISA O'CONNOR/AFP via Getty Images)

The news that Kim Cattrall will briefly reprise her role of public relations guru Samantha Jones in the Sex and the City spinoff, And Just Like That... came as a shock to many — including journalist Decca Aitkenhead, who was told not to ask the actress about the show when interviewing her for the Sunday Times two weeks before Variety confirmed her cameo.

"I moved on,” Cattrall told Aitkenhead when asked about the show's behind-the-scenes drama. “I think the greatest place to negotiate from, whatever the situation, is from strength and self-knowledge. Also, at this point in my life I don’t want to be on a set and be unhappy. I want it to be on terms that are artistically fulfilling and also that I am happy.”

But last week it was revealed that Cattrall will make a cameo as Samantha — who has moved to London and mostly lost touch with her gal pals — in the upcoming Season 2 finale for And Just Like That..., which returns to the newly rebranded Max on June 22. Variety reports that the Canadian actress shot her dialogue on March 22 in New York City, "without seeing or speaking with" the other stars of the series or showrunner Michael Patrick King.

Cattrall famously said "no" to reprising her role of Samantha Jones for SATC 3, and was originally not asked to join the And Just Like That... reboot. She has had a long-standing feud with Sarah Jessica Parker, as well as other people involved in the show, Yahoo Entertainment previously reported. In a 2019 interview, the Mannequin star discussed turning down the third Sex and the City film.

"No, that's not for me," she shared. "No, I've been there. I've done that. No, I won't be bullied. No, that salary is unacceptable. No, we are not having a meeting in your hotel room. And one of my favorites in particular: No, I don't want to be in a situation for a moment that is not enjoyable."

In the Times interview, Cattrall, who stars as a makeup mogul in the new Netflix series Glamorous, also opened up about her changing attitudes on plastic surgery and aging in Hollywood. In the past, she found herself averse to having work done, particularly after visiting a plastic surgeon's office with a friend and realizing that every woman in the waiting room looked like the picture of the surgeon’s girlfriend on the wall. However, her perspective has shifted a bit as she's gotten older.

"I’m in my 60s now and I’m all about battling aging in every way I can. There are so many other alternatives now, treatments that stimulate your own body to fight aging. There are fillers, Botox, there’s so many different things that you can investigate and try and see if it’s for you," she shared. "But yes, if you have the money and, more importantly, the right surgeon. It can’t be emphasized enough. You want to look like you!”

Despite all the potential of cosmetic enhancements, Cattrall clarified that ultimately, she wants "to look like the best version of myself."

"So, whatever I can do — because thankfully I have funds to do so," she added.