Line Of Duty viewers stunned as major character is killed off

Many fans said they did not see the twist coming.

Line Of Duty viewers were shocked as officer John Corbett was killed off in the latest episode.

The character, played by Stephen Graham, has been deep undercover as a criminal.

But in Sunday’s instalment of the BBC police drama he tries to quit the group he has been working with and ends up getting his throat cut.

The show’s creator Jed Mercurio is no stranger to killing off his characters, but viewers were still surprised to see Corbett meet such a grisly end.

“OMG, Just watched #LineOfDuty and my brain has turned to mush!!!! I actually screamed out…. ‘No, not John’,” said one person on Twitter.

“I did not see that ending coming one bit. In total shock. @StephenGraham73 was superb,” said another.

Another viewer posted: “Thought he’d be killed but not like that….omg.”

“How does jed keep pulling these twists off I’m actually stunned,” said one fan.

“I actually can’t believe that just happened. Did not see that coming at all,” tweeted one person.

“I will have a heart attack one day watching @Line_of_duty Tough watch tonight but totally gripping,” said another.

Line Of Duty continues on BBC One.