Michael Caine ‘still believes’ in Brexit and would rather 'be a poor master of my own fate’

Sir Michael Caine has reiterated his belief that Brexit was a good decision.

The actor, 84, revealed he thinks it’s important for the UK to be in charge of their own future even if it means being poorer.

Caine was famously supportive of leaving Europe during the referendum in 2017 and has now maintained his belief it’s a good idea despite Theresa May's negotiation breakdown.

Speaking on the Today show, he said: “People say ‘Oh, you’ll be poor, you’ll be this, you’ll be that’. I say I’d rather be a poor master of my fate than having someone I don’t know making me rich by running it.”

The actor, who most recently starred in King of Thieves, has been a staunch supporter of Britain’s efforts to leave the European Union over the years and claimed that fears of a no-deal Brexit are a result of scare tactics.

“What I see is I’m being ruled by people I don’t know, who no one elected, and I think of that as fascist,“ he said, adding: ”In the long run, though, it’ll come around.”

The UK is scheduled to leave the EU on the 29 March 2019 – exactly two years after Article 50 was activated. If negotiations with the EU result in a no-deal Brexit, the UK risks having no official trade, diplomatic or immigration plans in place for the country’s departure.

The Independent launched a campaign demanding a Final Say referendum on the government’s Brexit deal. The campaign states that the general public deserve the right to vote on the final deal.